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Proactive Mindfulness encompasses several projects which explore mindfulness in a down-to-earth, proactive way. Much of the content is collaborative, based on conversations and interviews (blog / podcast). There are books, all available as free downloadable PDFs. There are also online resources. These projects are edited by Serge Prengel.

Blog / Podcast:

General audience: Active Pause: Demystifying Mindfulness Podcast

For psychotherapists: Somatic Mindfulness & Relational Psychotherapy

Books & e-books (free PDF to download):

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Inspirational fables


Online resources:

Functional definitions of mindfulness

Mindfulness Exercises: Mindful Pause

Pausefully: Focusing on what matters, moment by moment

Proactive 12 Steps: Mindfulness for lasting change

Responsible Divorce: Making divorce gentler on children & families

Relational Implicit: Embodied relational mindfulness in psychotherapy

Relational Mindfulness: Sunflower Mind, the felt experience of life as interaction

What Sustains Me: A mindful exploration of what matters


There are 2 newsletters, one for the general public and one for therapists.

proactive mindfulness

See also: Demystifying Mindfulness: Active Pause®



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