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How can we shift from mindless to mindful, from reactive to proactive? Having that intention is a great first step, but it is not enough. Why? Because we bump into many obstacles, starting with human nature. So it really helps to understand the obstacles, so we can be responsive rather than reactive to the challenges of life.

This site provides many resources for proactive mindfulness. But first, in case this all feels a little abstract to you, here is a concrete example. This 30-send video shows why, for some of us, "listening" has a bad connotation. It's good to understand why, and to see how things can be different.

It's not so much about "listening" as it is about the nature of the relationship:
- It doesn't feel good to be forced to listen.
- It feels really good to feel the deep connection that comes from listening to somebody we want to listen to.

Similarly, forcing ourselves to be more mindful is not necessarily the most effective way. It helps to better understand the context, and what it means to us.

Proactive Mindfulness Resources

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