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Demystifying mindfulness: Functional definitions of mindfulness

Many of us have preconceptions about what mindfulness might be. For instance, we might think of it as a special state that requires special practices to achieve. In this project, we want to broaden the scope of what is understood by mindfulness.

Here are 5 core ideas about mindfulness, followed by several articles that approach mindfulness from somewhat different functional perpectives.

5 core ideas about mindfulness:

1. Mindful vs Mindless: What is mindfulness?

2. To go from mindless to mindful, we shift attention

3. What relational mindfulness feels like: The emergent self

4. The neuroscience of mindfulness: The Polyvagal Theory

5. Shared Pause: Connection & Mindfulness

Bodyfulness: Somatic mindfulness / embodied awareness

Existential mindfulness: A felt sense of meaning & purpose

The human condition, mindfulness and spirituality

Mindfulness demystified

How to shift from reactive to proactive mindset

Reactivity vs proactive mindset

Proactive vs reactive thinking: How to be proactive

from mindless to mindful

See: Mindfulness, Meaning & Purpose

Demystifying Mindfulness