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Proactive Mindfulness encompasses several projects which explore mindfulness in a down-to-earth, proactive way. Much of the content is collaborative, based on conversations and interviews (blog / podcast). There are books, all available as free downloadable PDFs. There are also online resources, for the general public and for therapists. These projects are edited by Serge Prengel.


There are 2 newsletters, one for the general public and one for therapists.

Books & e-books (free PDF to download):

scissors commitment

Inspirational fables


Online resources for the general public:

List of articles on this site: Demystifying mindfulness: Functional definitions of mindfulness

Pausefully: Conversations about mindfulness

Proactive mindfulness in everyday life: Active Pause

What Sustains Us: A mindful exploration of what matters

Sunflower Mind: The felt experience of life as interaction

Mindfulness Exercises: Mindful Pause

Proactive 12 Steps: Mindfulness for lasting change

Responsible Divorce: Making divorce gentler on children & families

Online resources for psychotherapists:

Relational Implicit: Somatic Mindfulness & Relational Psychotherapy

Podcasts on Apple Podcasts and Google Play:

Active Pause on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play

Pausefully on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play

Relational Implicit on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play

What Sustains Us on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play


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