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New year's resolutions: Take the 3-day Challenge To Be What You Need

Have you ever wondered why new year's resolutions don't last? Think about resolutions as transplants that are rejected because they are not compatible. For more info on this perspective, and how to make the transplant as compatible as possible with your organism, see: Three mindful steps for successful new year resolutions.

Better yet: Take the 3-day Challenge To Be What You Need. There are 3 simple steps, one step a day. You can start right away. And, to keep you motivated, it's a great idea to tell friends that you're taking the Challenge, and share with them what you're learning about yourself over the next 3 days.

In these short videoclips, Doneliya Deneva talks about a very similar process she has been following. Each day/step starts and ends with a meditative moment of 10 to 20 minutes. At the end of the day, it is a good idea to write what you find out through this process.

All you need to start is set an intention - the goal you want to explore. It can be to exercise more, of eat better, or be more patient, or... And listen to the first videoclip, follow the simple instructions.

Step 1: Meditation


Step 2: Collect facts


Step 3: Act on it


In all steps: Write


Noticing the shift


Doneliya Deneva is a Georgetown University graduate with a master’s degree in Journalism who has written and produced a number of stories aiming to help others find hope or suggesting alternative ways to improve our daily life. Doneliya believes that “meditation is the key to solving all problems and the only path to spiritual and mental recovery.” She trained with well recognized Vipassana (insight) meditation teachers, learned and practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) techniques and has been part of the Dharma Punx meditation society. After an extensive research in the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience, brain/body research, psychology and quantum physics, Doneliya self-published a meditation guide, “Be What You Need.”
Doneliya has also been working as a research analyst at the U.S. Department of Transportation for the last 10 years and published numerous reports to Congress on important aviation safety issues that brought significant media attention.

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