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Accountability: How to keep new year resolutions

A major reason that new year's resolutions fail is lack of clarity and accountability. Here is a simple way to enhance clarity and accountability: Create a page where you summarize your goals and how you are going to accomplish them. The following provides helpful questions to consider, including anticipating obstacles, and how you plan to address them. Copy & paste the following questions to start your contract with yourself.

My goal is to:


To achieve my goal, I will do the following (being as specific as possible):


I will start as of (date)

I expect the following difficulties, setbacks, relapses:


Here is what I plan to do when I encounter setbacks:


I will be monitoring my progress (how often / when):


Here are some concrete ways to evaluate my progress toward this goal:


I am enlisting the following person (people) for support:


Here is what I am instructing my supporter(s) to do to help me (e.g. check with me at specific, regular intervals; encourage me, etc…)


My reward for staying on course will be:



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