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Emotional Intelligence: the Human Mind Operating System

Traditionally, it has been assumed that the way we assess a situation and know what to do is a logical process, based on rationally analyzing the situation.

This is a very nice way to structure a business document. But this is not the way the human mind works.

emotional-intelligemnceThe human mind is not a computer. Of course, it has been very helpful to use the metaphor of computer processes to explain how the mind stores and processes information. But comparing the mind to a computer has also allowed us to understand how incredibly different it is from a computer.

For one thing, we do not store information the way a computer does, i.e. in a neutral database. In the human mind, all information is immediately coded according to emotion.

Think of it as something somewhat similar to the way movies are categorized: When you go see a Romantic Comedy, you expect to experience different feelings than when you go see a thriller or a horror movie.

You could say this is no different from, say, the way a library keeps its books: They're all coded by categories. When you have a vast amount of information, some degree of coding is necessary to make information retrieval easier.

The difference between a computer database and the human mind is that the coding is based on emotion. So a more fitting metaphor would be the way movies are coded: with a rating that describes who they are appropriate for.

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