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Rob Foxcroft: Principles of Meditative Listening

In this essay (15 pages), Rob Foxcroft suggests that to listen is as life-changing as to be listened to and outlines his approach. He doesn’t see the spiritual as “something more”: He considers Meditative listening as the whole of his spiritual life.

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Rob Foxcroft studied Music at Cambridge University. He teaches piano-playing, singing and composition, and offers spiritual accompaniment. Rob studied the person-centered way of being with Brian Thorne and completed a Diploma in Spiritual Accompaniment. He studied Focusing with Gene Gendlin and became a Focusing Coordinator. When Gene and Mary Gendlin retired from running the Focusing Institute a couple of years ago, they asked him to help navigate the Focusing community through a critical transition. Rob writes poems and essays. He likes to be in the hills, by the sea, or quietly at home with his family.

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