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Proactive Mindfulness mindful vs mindless

Demystifying mindfulness: Functional definitions of mindfulness

Many of us have preconceptions about what mindfulness might be. For instance, we might think of it as a special state that requires special practices to achieve. In this project, we want to broaden the scope of what is understood by mindfulness. Here are several articles that approach mindfulness from somewhat different functional perpectives.

Relational mindfulness: Interaction, regulation & the emergence of the self

The power of the pause: How we shift from mindless to mindful

Mindfulness demystified

Mindless vs mindful: Why it is hard to be mindful?

Bodyfulness: Mindfulness definition as embodied experience

How to shift from reactive to proactive mindset

Reactivity vs proactive mindset

Existential mindfulness: A felt sense of meaning & purpose

The human condition, mindfulness and spirituality

Relational Mindfulness & Autonomic Nervous System: Polyvagal Theory


from mindless to mindful

Proactive mindfulness in everyday life

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