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How it feels to be in the world

What happens when we take time to pause and notice how it feels to be in the world?

Might we not just notice our own struggles and feelings but perhaps sense ourselves as part of a bigger global situation?

It would be hard to be alive and not have some feelings about what is happening around us? Ecologically, socially and politically.

How can we face these huge issues without being overwhelmed and with a sense of potency and creativity?

How can we find a meaningful way to respond to them? How can we find our own medicine for the world?

Manju (Peter Gill) is one of the UK’s foremost Focusing trainers – teaching since 2004, and leading retreats, workshops and classes for more than twenty years. He is qualified with the British Focusing Association and the Focusing Institute in New York to teach Focusing to individuals, groups. He also offers teacher training. He is also qualified in Somatic Experiencing (SE), a related practice involving a short-term, body-based approach to healing and easing the effects of trauma. Currently he is exploring how Focusing can be used as a way of meeting the challenges of the these turbulent and pivotal times in the world. See website.

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