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Resolutions vs wishes: How to keep new year’s resolutions

Are you making any new year’s resolutions this year? If so, keep in mind the difference between a resolution and wishful thinking.

The audio in this short video is a sound bite from a radio interview.

What’s the difference between a wish and a commitment? It's the difference between being resolute and being wishy-washy.

Wishing is passive. Commitment is active. When you wish for something to happen, you just hope that things will go well on their own. If things don’t go well, there’s no “Plan B”. You just won’t get what you wished for.

In other words, wishful thinking will get you nowhere, because it essentially amounts to professing your powerlessness: “It would be so nice if things happened magically, without having to fight for what I want.”

In contrast, feeling committed means that:
- you have a sense that things need not be easy
- and you’re ready to fight for what you want.

See: Sustainable Resolutions: 3 steps for mindful, lasting change.

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