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Proactive Mindfulness Resources explores many approaches to mindfulness in everyday life, including a newsletter: Proactive Mindfulness / Mindful Pause.

Much of the content is collaborative, based on conversations and interviews in blog / podcast format (see, below, Blog / Podcast).

The Proactive Mindfulness projects are edited by Serge Prengel. When authorship of a given article is not attributed, he is the author.

Resources on this site, by category:

Demystifying mindfulness: Functional definitions of mindfulness

Inspirational fables: Bedtime stories for your Inner child

Ebooks & Essays

What is stress? How to deal with stress proactively

3 mindful steps to make successful new year's resolutions

Blog / Podcast:

General audience:

Mindful Pause: Blog & Podcast

For psychotherapists:

Relational Implicit: Relational mindfulness in psychotherapy & society

Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy

Other websites:

General audience:

Proactive 12 Steps: Mindfulness For Lasting Change

Responsible Divorce: Making divorce gentler on children & families

For psychotherapists:

Pause, embodied experience and mindfulness in psychotherapy

Sunflower Mind: Embodied relational mindfulness, a different sense of self

See also: Free Drift: Carried forward by the flow of the implicit

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