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Iyanla Vanzant quotes

Do not deny what you feel. But keep in the back of your mind that it will pass.

–Iyanla Vanzant

Trust yourself enough to know that you can feel anything and recover from it.

–Iyanla Vanzant

Know that because you are feeling something does not mean you have to act on it the moment you are feeling it.
…For the first 30 to 60 seconds of the experience, practice KYBYS. This ancient principle, pronounced “kib-biss,” will ensure you have the appropriate expression for any emotional imbalance. KYBS means “Keep Your Big Yap Shut!”
Pull yourself together and let your brain refocus!

–Iyanla Vanzant, One Day My Soul Just Opened Up

A truly compassionate person is one who can feel what you feel because they are one with you in mind, body and spirit, not out of obligation or a false sense of responsibility. A compassionate person is one who understands what you are going through and, rather than joining with you in your fear, sees for you the lesson, the blessing, and the victory at the end. A compassionate person does not join in the victim mentality of blaming others; instead they will stand strong with you, supporting you through the acceptance of the situation. The compassionate person knows with you, for you, and when necessary, in spite of you, that all things work together for your good. It takes vision to be compassionate. I thought that this was helpful and inspiring for people doing healing work.

–Iyanla Vanzant
From “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up”

A person who is trying is not doing. Either you are or you are not particular thing. There is nothing between doing and not doing that can be trusted.

–Iyanla Vanzant

Ony the Divine can heal or correct. Using you as Its device of creativity, the Divine can transform any situation into a corrective healing experience. Be willing to be used as a creative instrument of divine healing and evolution.

–Iyanla Vanzant

One of the hardest things we may be ever be called to do in life is watch a loved one fall. We want to help them. We want to save them. In doing so, we take away their power and cut off their blessings.

–Iyanla Vanzant

Avoid at all costs giving of your knowledge, time and energy to unworthy causes and people. How do you know if they are unworthy? If you have to fight with people to accept what you are giving them as an act of love, they are not worthy.

–Iyanla Vanzant

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