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Felt sense & making sense

Contemplation vs logic: How we make sense of experience through resonance

Following your felt sense: The embodied experience of inner knowing

Felt sense: Mindful, moment-by-moment experience

Mythos & Logos: Implicit process vs explicit description

Mindful Pause and Beginner's Mind

Sunflower Mind: A different sense of who we are & what we do


Geeks guide to mindfulness: How to stop the multitasking madness

Buddhism beliefs & mindfulness practice

Discontinuous self states , Relational Mindfulness & Anatta: 'no fixed self'

Relational mindfulness & buddhist emptiness

Inspirational thoughts

How to turn insight into action

Proactive vs reactive thinking: How to be proactive

Positive thinking is a proactive approach to risk

Life & Work balance: A "Whole Life" approach

Cultivate optimism? The positive power of negative thinking

Positive thinking is a proactive approach to risk

Self-motivation: How to motivate yourself

How to silence the inner critic & defeat negative self talk


Proactive time management: How to get organized at work

Stages of Change model: Diclemente, Norcross & Prochaska's theory

See also

Resources about stress management & resilience

Practical resources for mindful relationships

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Proactive Mindfulness Resources



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