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Inspirational fables: Bedtime stories for your inner child™

Bedtime stories for your inner child™ are short e-books that look like storybooks for children. These formatted PDFs are available for free download. Perfect for your iPad or tablet, easy to read on your computer. Please note that download may take a moment (these are illustrated ebooks in PDF format).

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Scissors: A fable about empowerment

This whimsical parable makes a deep point in a deceptively simple manner. It helps you gain a new perspective on finding your true strengths. More Info - OR - Download


The Cat & The Box: A fable about feeling stuck

A whimsical fable, featuring a cat who feels stuck inside a box... and how she gets unstuck. More Info - OR - Download


In the moment: A fable about life

A gentle little story about life, and the impermanence and beauty of Now. More Info - OR - Download


Avalokiteshvara on the Shore: A meditation on the Heart Sutra

Avalokiteshvara on the Shore follows the structure of the Heart Sutra very, very loosely, in order to convey a personal interpretation of it. More Info - OR - Download


Nagarjuna's Twenty Mahayana Verses

Nāgārjuna is considered by many to be the "First Patriarch" of Buddhism. This is an illustrated edition of his Twenty Mahayana Verses. More Info - OR - Download


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