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The Proactive Twelve Steps for Mindful Recovery (book and eBook)

This is the 3rd edition of The Proactive Twelve Steps. This book outlines how you can take a proactive approach to life, gradually stepping up from feeling stuck and powerless to enjoying a more balanced and happy life. The specific steps were inspired by the original Twelve Steps, but rewritten to describe a process of mindful personal growth. This short book (84 pages) defines the "steps" pragmatically, as a self-directed process, as opposed to a mystical process in which change somehow happens to you.

The free PDF you can download from here is the latest version (3rd edition). If you buy a book from an online bookstore, make sure you are getting the 3rd edition (2016).

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The Proactive Twelve Steps were originally written for people who are not part of the “Twelve Steps” culture, and who are not comfortable with references to God or a Higher Power. Over time, many people involved in 12 steps recovery have found inspiration in these “proactive steps”: Not necessarily as a replacement for the words they are so familiar with, but as a way to gain a new perspective on them. You can also read this material online: Proactive 12 Steps website.

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