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This website features free online and downloadable e-books as well as self-coaching videos, inspirational thoughts, stories, articles, illustrated quotes and videos.


Why don't we like to listen? A 30-second video.

inspirational videos

Inspiring videos

inspirational fables

Inspirational fables: Bedtime stories for your Inner child


Ebooks & Essays


A mindful, proactive approach to relationships


- Insights about Everyday Mindfulness

- What is stress? How to deal with stress proactively
- More resources about stress management & resilience

Inspirational thoughts:

How to turn insight into action

Proactive vs reactive thinking: How to be proactive

Positive thinking is a proactive approach to risk

Life & Work balance: A "Whole Life" approach

Cultivate optimism? The positive power of negative thinking

Positive thinking is a proactive approach to risk

Self-motivation: How to motivate yourself

How to silence the inner critic & defeat negative self talk

Proactive time management: How to get organized at work

Creative Mindfulness Proactive Quotes

Other online resources

- Responsible Divorce: Making divorce gentler on children & families

- Proactive 12 Steps: The 12 steps as a self-directed process of mindful recovery

- Somatic Perspectives on Psychotherapy: Embodied experience and psychotherapy in the age of neuroscience

- Focusing Conversations, Exploring the variety of Focusing approaches (with the Focusing Institute)

For psychotherapists:

- Using Active Pause to explore embodied experience and mindfulness in psychotherapy (video)

- Introduction to Sunflower Mind: Relational Mindfulness & embodied experience in therapy (video)

From Mindless To Mindful: Active Pause
Mindless vs Mindful
Demystifying Mindfulness Active Pause Newsletter



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